Knocking Down Barriers

Knocking Down Barriers:

How We’re Taking a Step Away From Other Card Games and a Step Towards Playing the Game Already

Many card games have huge barriers to entry. There are typically hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of cards, and you have to purchase the best cards to be the best, and new expensive cards are always coming out. Purchasing cards frequently involves opening booster packs, which is quite simply gambling money on which cards you get. Plus, in order to be good at the game, you have to be familiar with hundreds of cards and keywords, confusing mechanics and interactions, and new cards and keywords are always coming out. Additionally, deck building is another huge barrier to entry, with beginning players either having a huge disadvantage, depending on another player, or simply copying decks from online. Even after they’ve settled on their decklist, it still feels bad not having the best cards, and you’ve got to pay lots more money to finally complete the deck.

With Ignite, you simply pay for the game once, and you've got everything in the box. You can play immediately, and with balanced decks. No gambling, no deck building, no complex rules, just buy the game once, read the rules for 10 minutes (or watch a 5 minute YouTube tutorial), and you can play. So don’t hesitate, hop right in and start playing immediately!

Also, we're working on expansions for even more content, which will of course be balanced against each other for you! However, we're aware many players really enjoy deck building, so we’ll be sure to balance them for deck building too.